“Photography is a means of recording forever the things one sees for a moment.”– Aaron Sussman

With a passion for art, design and beauty and a background in photography, Do This Do Thatoffers clients the opportunity to cherish, create and explore. From photo restoration and organization to magazine production to sourcing art pieces for your home or office space, we work with you to give you the creative tools you desire.

Photo Services
A picture tells a story and embraces a memory. Preserve your memories so they last through the generations. Services include organization and transfer of your of old and new photos to digital media; photo restoration; scanning services; slideshows and video presentations; and, photo book creation.

Marketing Tools
We consult with you to create a concept for your brand or event by providing you with inspiration, and invention to expose your company and sell your product. From event signage and posters to mailers and logo design to print & online ad campaigns, we work closely with you on all your creative needs.

Gagliato is a collection of black & white photographs of Nicholas + Stephanie Gareri’s pilgrimage to retrace childhood memories and family history. The book presents an intimate modern-day perspective of a small community in Calabria, a place that is very representative of many emigration-stricken towns around Italy, if not the world; a jewel that evokes nostalgia and stands as a monument of simplicity for a people who cherish nature, food, wine, religion and, most importantly, famliy and friends. For more information visit or 365 Days of Gagliato Photography.

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Find A Piece
Allow Do This Do That to arrange art gallery tours, private showings and design consultations so you can find the art piece that is ideal for your home or office. We connect you with Toronto’s art collectors, exhibitors, artists and interior design specialists so you can achieve the atmosphere you wish for in your space.

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