“I've always believed in the idea that each of us has a particular place in the universe where we belong, and that if we find it everything will fall into place and we will flourish.” – Patrick O’Connell

A profound interest in people, community and relationships led Stephanie to pursue her passion of event and wedding planning and in 2008, Do This Do That was created with the encouragement of her supportive family, fiancé and great friends. All whom have experienced the care, passion, pride and dedication she pours into each project.

Stephanie received her designation of Bridal Consultant with highest honours from International Career School Canada. She acquired a deeper appreciation for art and the creative process while studying photography and the elements of design at Ryerson University. During her undergrad at the University of Western Ontario, she took interest in psychology and social studies. 

Stephanie’s related experience in the hospitality, service and entertainment industries has given her a well-rounded ability and vision to direct, manage and produce memorable moments. In 2008, she co-published Gagliato with her father, Nicholas Gareri, a collection of intimate, black + white photographs representing the family’s community and roots in Southern Italy. She partakes in extensive volunteer work with The Olive Branch for Children as well as a number of other charitable organizations. Her contagious enthusiasm and energy ensures a positive experience for clients, guests and fellow industry peers.

There have been a few mentors along the way that have helped shape the quality and experience Stephanie operates with today. Her family has played an important role in instilling values of tradition, hard work and determination. An extension of appreciation them and to those who have offered encouragement and leadership along the way: Devan, The Wedding Co., To Suit Your Fancy, Perfectly Square, Out On A Limb, Centro Restaurant + Lounge, Sunrise Films & The Canadian Sports Academy.

As a client, you share so many details about yourself - it’s only fair you should know a little more about Stephanie too! Cooking, tennis, fashion, playing piano, architecture, Audrey Hepburn, Monet, old movies, classic rock music, laughing, family, friends and an obsession with all things Italian are a few of her favourite things.


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